Website copy

Attract and engage your website visitors with compelling content that makes you stand out.

Importance of compelling
website copy:

  • ‘Don’t make me think’ – as soon as visitors land on your site, they should be compelled to read on.
  • Guides visitors around your website with ease.
  • Is all part of your digital ‘shop window’ dressing – it’s how ‘strangers’ find your brand.
  • It gives Google what it wants – the freshest and most relevant answer (in the richest format) to a question.
  • Guides potential purchasers to your website, almost every purchasing decision starts with an internet search.
  • Demonstrates how you understand your audience and their pain points.
  • Helps boost website sales conversion rates.

Website copy to engage visitors and promote enquiries:

  • Ensuring your content attracts customers.
  • Creating links so visitors ‘flow’ from one page to another.
  • Building strong calls to action (CTA) to ease visitors’ journeys around your site.
  • Resonating with your audiences’ pain points and sharing advice and expertise to help resolve them.
  • Ticking website best practice: headings, titles, tags, interlinking.





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User experience

The team at Kinetic are very friendly, concise, easy to deal with and clearly know their ‘PR onions’.

They have taken the burden of PR from our shoulders.

Gary Carr, Accounts Manager, IGNIS Fire and Security.

Kinetic will always ensure that your business and its values are portrayed to your customers and prospects.

Daniel Clements, Managing Director, Shesh Tech

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