Case study: Warwickshire Law Society ‘PR to strengthen strategy’

Case study

Warwickshire Law Society

PR to strengthen strategy

The difference

Following the pandemic, Warwickshire Law Society wanted to reinvent its approach to better engage its members and the local legal community.

To do so, it needed to evaluate current perceptions and gather feedback from its target audience to ensure its future strategy was aligned with their wants and needs.

Working with Kinetic, Warwickshire Law Society:

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PR that shapes business strategy

 Warwickshire Law Society wanted to reshape its strategy to improve engagement from its members and increase awareness of the society amongst non-members and the wider local community.

To do this successfully, it needed to understand how it is currently perceived, and what its target audience would value most from its services, training and support programmes. As such, Kinetic:

  • Developed a survey to be distributed to Warwickshire Law Society’s database of contacts, which assessed feedback around:
    • The society generally
    • Its communications
    • Its events
    • Its future strategy.
  • Analysed responses to the survey to draw conclusions that would inform Warwickshire Law Society’s future business strategy.
  • Produced a series of recommendations to support Warwickshire Law Society in achieving its goals of increased engagement and brand awareness.

Do you want to shift your brand strategy? Want objective input from your audience?

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