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Warwickshire Investment Partnership


Delivery of various projects across a broad spectrum of strategic objectives.


Providing a menu of solutions with various budgets, timings and return on investment.

For example:  we built relationships with ICT (information, communications technology) businesses and professionals with a special interest in the area.  We then persuaded 100 of them to attend a forum to forecast future trends to inform all manner of Warwickshire initiatives.  This generated so many compelling editorial themes, the one event funded the year’s campaign including appearances at MIPIM and MaPIC – international property trade shows.


“We’ve worked with the Kinetic team for some years now. They’re so reliable and great value for money. I love the way they give you a shopping list of ideas. We only use a fraction of their creativity but it doesn’t stop them coming up with great ideas every time.”

Sara-Louise Board, former head of investment services, now asset manager, Warwickshire County Council.


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