They ask, you answer – the importance of FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a crucial ingredient of knowing, understanding and reaching your target audience.

Whether they’re about your business specifically, or addressing common questions in your field, FAQs represent your ideal client’s problems and pain points – and highlight where you can help them.

FAQs may feature on a page of your website that provides lots of short answers and further links. Alternatively, they can be explored in depth in blogs, articles and social media posts, for example.

Read on to discover why answering your audience’s FAQs is so important.  

Improving user experience

Content on your website should guide visitors around with ease, directing them from one page to another to facilitate their journey – and move them towards converting.

When visitors have a question or need clarification, they usually don’t want to dig through pages to find the right information, and some may go elsewhere rather than getting in touch.

Answering these questions in advance streamlines users’ experience, reflecting well on your brand and demonstrating your knowledge of your target audience.

There are lots of engaging ways to provide extra information, such as hyperlinks to blogs, videos or infographics on what the user is interested in.

Increasing visibility

Answering commonly asked questions can improve your SEO and get your business in front of more of your target audience. FAQs are stocked with relevant keywords in your niche that will help your potential clients find you. You just need to know what your ideal client is searching for.

You can gather questions by asking your audience directly on social media, or by using tools like Answer the public. Search a key term related to your sector and receive lists of questions that people are asking about it online.  

If you’re struggling for search terms, use Google trends to see which words and phrases are trending together.

Drawing of two hands, one holding question marks and the other holding lightbulbs

Establishing authority

Providing great answers to FAQs demonstrates your expertise, both within your sector and on your own products or services. Transparently answering these for users already on your website, or those who find you through search engines, grows trust with your audience and builds your reputation.

Why not create an FAQ webpage and use each question as a blueprint for your content marketing strategy? Taking questions further to explore problems in depth can help to position you as a thought-leader in your industry.

Answering FAQs can demonstrate your expertise and understanding of your target audience’s problems. Answers need to be accurate, easy to understand, and they should direct your audience to the next stage of your website.

To find out how your content can reach your target audience, book a free review of your website and communications or get in touch via the form below.


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