The secret ingredient in your marketing recipe

Getting your PR and marketing right is tricky. You know it’s important, but finding the time to make things happen isn’t easy.

You need a simple recipe for success – which you can readily apply to your business – to improve results from your PR, marketing and communications activity.

But what’s the secret ingredient?

Your 'DNA'

woman holding DNA strand graphic

What is your DNA?

Just like every person is unique – even identical twins – so is every business. Your DNA – or ‘secret sauce’ – is what makes you stand out and gives you your competitive advantage. It underpins all that you say and do as an organisation. It distils your culture and drives your brand message.

If you were in a lift, and you had just 20 seconds to tell someone about your business, what would you say? How would you capture their attention and emotion quickly to make them want to find out more?

Whether you’re meeting someone at an exhibition or event, posting on social media or sending an email campaign, you need to stand out. You need to cut through the noise with a compelling message.

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The method for strong marketing foundations

Your DNA is the foundation for all of your PR and marketing activity. It’s built up of your vision, mission and values:

Building your DNA

Your DNA is unique to your business, so there’s no set ‘formula’ to follow here. We’ve outlined some questions below that can get you thinking about your individual brand DNA:

Then use your thoughts to answer, the deceptively simple, questions below:

Putting it into action

notepad with ‘make it happen’ illustrated within it.

Your DNA is your guiding hand for everything you say and do as an organisation, and it underpins all of your marketing activity.

You don’t need to use your DNA word for word, you can use it to build brand messages that will inform every piece of content you prepare – whether it’s internal communications to boost team engagement or a social media post to build prospect relationships online.

Commit your DNA to heart so it’s top of mind to use in all you do, including:

  • Marketing activity
  • Business decisions
  • Objective/goal setting
  • Team appraisals.

Test your DNA

Once you’ve built your DNA – test it. Does it really make you stand out online? Will it boost your marketing activity?

If you’d value an external perspective, book your free communications review with Kinetic here:

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