JAMES AYRES  – Co-founder and Operations Director
and DOMINIC PUTNAM  – Head of Marketing and Business Development
Lime Green Products Ltd

We decided what we needed to do and spoke to three agencies and then we narrowed that down to two agencies and then we made the decision to go with Kinetic based on their enthusiasm and their very quick grasp of what we are trying to do and the technicalities of some of the products.They made us think about the whole strategy from scratch and the process in its entirety, not just picking at it in bits and pieces.

EVE O’CONNOR – Centre Manager, Munroe K Asset Ltd

I have worked with Angela and her team on various projects over the past 10 years or so and the support and services she provides are second to non, even in the most extreme testing situations.  Angela is a first class communicator who works with integrity and offers a wide breadth of experience. She is well known for her never ending drive and enthusiasm and always a delight to work with.

For PR and marketing services I can thoroughly recommend Angela and her team at Kinetic.

EMILY KENWARD – Regional Manager, London at Actavo

Kinetic is increasing the visibility of our brand year on year. They’ve delivered double what they promised and it’s mostly top notch quality: message-rich editorial in our key media. The return on our investment’s also increasing. Brand value has returned ten-fold on our PR spend. Together, we’re a potent business partnership which is critical as we move from EventServ to Actavo Events.

“Kinetic played a key role in growing our media footprint in the UK over three years, during which time we underwent out major corporate rebrand to Actavo.”
Carl Gibney, Actavo


MATTHEW GOFF – Director of UK Operations, Actavo Building Solutions

We’ve grown our business year-on-year and I’m sure Kinetic’s played an intrinsic part in the growth. They understand our business inside out. They helped our business stand out in a highly contested market and they’re constantly delivering above and beyond what we expect by generating compelling content which leads to brilliant results in top trade bibles and other media outlets. They feel like an extension of our team.

LOUISE SHADE – Marketing & PR Executive, Evac+chair International

They’re quite different to all the other PR consultancies I’ve worked with – in a good way! Kinetic is creating content strategies, refocusing our customers on what we do, sharing our knowledge and building strong and secure relationships. They also generate powerful backlinks which are great for SEO and getting on page one of google but, the best measure of all, our sales are up, year-on-year.

ROB OWEN – Business Development Director
, Actavo Industrial Solutions

Kinetic really understands our business, which is complex. They show it in the deeply technical copy they create to gain coverage in heavyweight industrial publications. |They are an extension of our team and are delivering results in increasingly measurable ways.

NATALIE MITCHELL – Marketing Manager, Actavo Building Solutions

Kinetic helped me feel comfortable using all the social media platforms which are important to us. I now know how to promote posts and pages and monitor all the pertinent metrics I need to account to my team. They gave me the tricks of the trade to generate calendars of compelling content.

CATHERINE WAHLBERG –  Alsters Kelley Solicitors

Yes, that’s right. We did engage a PR agency as marketing the practice was important – it had changed a lot and we had to let the world know that. This was key to helping us recruit staff. It transformed our practice and we found that there is a better morale, a far better morale now then there was before.  Although we had a core of really good fee-earners, we also had some staff who weren’t willing to change, weren’t really the right people doing the right jobs. They left because they didn’t want to change and that lifted the spirits of the people who were working hard – they felt that we had acted positively for them.

CRAIG COLLIGAN – National Sales Manager – Steico UK

For us, Futurebuild is the premier show for showcasing innovation in our industry. Our whole theme – and every piece of content we produced in support of the healthy buildings campaign – generated a buzz, created momentum and lots of sales leads, not just for us but also for our supply partners. The whole exercise was an outstanding success.

DANIEL CLEMENTS – Managing Director, Sheshtech

Content creation is at the core of many marketing activities. A perfectly crafted website is no good without fresh and unique content and an eye-catching brochure is nothing if it’s got nonsense written in it.

Angela at Kinetic Communications was wonderful in guiding me on my untrodden path of content marketing. From understanding the values and mission of my business, all the way to the specifics of the topic itself. Angela and her team produced a beautifully orchestrated story of the work my business do.

Angela will always ensure that your business and its values are portrayed to your customers and prospects, and i look forward to learning more from her about the world of great content.

ALISON HEATH – Managing Director,  Positive print

We had two sessions with Kinetic. They displayed a deeper understanding of our business in those two meetings than coaches and consultants we’d worked with for years. Kinetic simply listened to us answer a few of their probing questions. They then developed a stand-out – all we had to do was hone it with them.

They’ve found our voice. They’ve expressed what makes us different in a way that really rings true for us.

EWEN RANKIN – 12Spacemedia

I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking about our last meeting and totally changed the way that I’m thinking about pitching myself and what I do. I agree totally that I have to believe in what I provide more than sell what I provide.

Firstly…thank you. I think that our meeting has genuinely changed the opportunities for my business and I can make a change in the way that Sentry is seen by others. Next Wednesday I am in front of a Panel of procurement people for £10m worth of work per annum. I have it on good authority that my best line of attack is to focus on what this means to my small business and not be afraid to explain that this is about the growth of my enterprise and the opportunity for new jobs in the local economy and opportunities for young people to gain apprenticeship within my new business.

I hope I win.

PAUL RHODES, Managing Director – Green Gorilla Apps Ltd

I am writing to thank Angela and her team for their help and support in not only understanding what we do as a business but also who we are, our DNA.

The approach Kinetic takes is simple and energetic. It was as easy as having a conversation with Angela over coffee and an initial concept presented back to me the following week. Each piece of content was well written, informative and followed a strict sign-off process providing peace of mind when outsourcing any job.

The difference: Angela is genuinely passionate about her area of expertise and creating the right message and concepts to suit your company. She does a great job through excellent communication and regular feedback loops in the process, as well as plenty of hugs.

I cannot recommend Angela and her team highly enough to anyone wanting to increase their online presence by creating engaging content whilst communicating a powerful message.

NICOLA WHATELEY, Founder, Owner and MD of  Whateley Wealth Management

“We’ve grown from three to sixteen people in three years which means we’ve had little time to even think about why we are growing so quickly.

“Ang helped me realise the first step in our marketing journey was capturing our ‘DNA’ – what makes us who we are as a company.  I knew I wanted everyone to be involved in defining the DNA.  I didn’t want it coming from me – ie ‘top down’.

“Kinetic got our whole team to contribute all their ideas which we discussed in a two-hour immersion session.  Very quickly, they showed they understood what makes us tick and, by asking a few pertinent questions, they distilled it in our DNA which we all agreed.

“We now feel that we’re ready to move on to other marketing initiatives because the DNA will ensure everything will be consistent.”

GARY CARR, Accounts manager of  Ignis Fire Security

“We’ve only been working with Kinetic a few months, the staff are very friendly, concise, easy to deal with, and clearly known their PR onions. They have taken the burden of PR from our shoulders and helped with our social media posts.”