Kristina Kanne’s guest blog

After my first night in Birmingham I opened the curtains in the morning and everything I saw was white.  It was wonderful and it looked magical.  So I decided to leave the house 10 minutes earlier because I would need to drive slower.

Than I put on the radio and I heart the news: “It’s a nightmare”… I thought: Oh my god something terrible must have happened in the night,but I couldn’t imagine what it could be. It took me another minute to realise that they really meant the snow.

My first thought was that is has to a joke. Five minutes later Angela called me and asked if I could make it to the office. -So they really were serious. – How ridiculous! Why shouldn’t I make it to the office? It’s just snow.

So I drove to the office and the snow turned out perfect for me: Usually it takes me about 20 minutes from my house to the office because there is a lot of traffic in the morning. In the last days it only took my 10 minutes because there was nobody on the streets and the streets were perfectly fine.

I think for the most people the snow was just a great excuse to have a day off. And I was thinking: What would German people stop going to work? I couldn’t think of anything besides serious illnesses.

Two years ago there fell a lot of snow in one region in Germany. Usually they don’t have so much snow in this are. So nobody was prepared and it was a nightmare. In some houses they have had no electricity for almost a week- but they still went to work…

So I would suggest: Put on the snow tires and drive to work!