It seems I’ve joined Kinetic at a time of great internal change. We’re looking to re-launch our new website soon, we’ve moved our blog onto WordPress and we’re encouraging our clients to embrace video and podcast technologies in support of their campaigns. Essentially we’re looking to offer multi-platform initiatives in support of our sustainable communication plans.

It’s all very exciting for us! Especially because, in our own little way, we’re participating in the UK’s rapidly changing media landscape as it moves away from traditional outlets to a digital platform.

The rapid growth of internet content means that virtually anything you want to find can be found online. Because of this it’s become imperative that businesses fight for audience share. They’re no longer able to rely on out-dated business methods to ensure things run smoothly.

The Birmingham Post’s announcement last week (that they’ll be moving from a daily format to a weekly one) was an important reminder of how quickly the landscape is shifting and how crucial it is that businesses to keep abreast of these changes.

The success of a business is as much reliant upon having strong communication within the business as it is in getting the message out into the public. After all, they don’t say ‘a team is only as strong as its weakest member’ for nothing! That’s why we work with companies to develop comprehensive communication plans. We find it’s much more sustainable than simply providing ‘PR’ to the press.

For instance, one of our current clients is a 500+ strong manufacturing company which has been struggling with production and efficiency due to a lack of communication within the firm. We’ve been working with them to get the entire team ‘facing in the same direction’. In other words, we’ve been helping employees understand their role and responsibilities within the company and opening up lines of communication to increase efficiency and reduce the blame culture that may have been festering.

Another one of our clients relied heavily on referrals for its patrons and still conducted business as it had for the past hundred years. They wanted to move into the 21st century. We’ve been working with them to build a stronger regional presence in the media and to improve their appeal to new customers through improvements on their website and in their promotional material.

In the current climate, it really is survival of the fittest for businesses. As communication is such a fundamental part of that survival, it’s crucial that you have a solid communications plan in place. It can make all the difference to your success.

Getting your business up-to-date with the latest media developments can make a drastic change to your business. A solid communications plan is about so much more than simply getting your name into the paper. It really can make the difference.