Two years ago, as a trainee broadcast journalist, I never would have pictured myself working at a communications agency. I’d been pre-programmed to assume any communications work, other than investigative journalism, was from the ‘dark-side’ of the industry. So when a friend told me about a ‘great’ company in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, I approached with caution.

What initially drew me to the company was their sustainability policy: economic – social – environmental. It seems to me that any organisation committed to upholding ethical standards that reflect the ‘bigger picture’ has a good set of values in place. A great business, in my opinion, is about so much more than simply making a quick buck. It’s about investing in people, in all senses of the word.
During my first week Kinetic has shown me time and again the lengths to which they’ll go to invest in people. They build strong, honest relationships with clients and jump at the chance to go the extra mile. They’re eager to train their staff, nurturing talent and supporting progression. To them it’s obvious; if you build strong relationships and invest in your beliefs, good things happen.
To me, sustainability is about harmony, balance and endurance. It’s only possible through integration; going through the motions works only so long before the glue wears off and the façade falls away. Kinetic’s value system embraces this approach. It may not always be the easy route, but it’s certainly the better, more sustainable practice.
I’ve enjoyed my first week here immensely. I’ve learned a lot about how a sustainable communications agency operates, and any lingering reservations about the industry are quickly dissipating. The team are encouraging me to use my broadcasting skills and it feels great being able to bring something new to the table. I’m looking forward to the challenges next week will bring.