I left Birmingham University last summer with a 2: 1 Honours Degree in Media, Culture and Society, wide eyed and keen to enter the world of public relations. I soon realised what a competitive industry it was and that I would need to gather more direct experience rather than academic. In this recession, work experience is invaluable. It is imperative if you want your CV to stand out. To do this you have to have a good support network and economic stability, however not everyone has the opportunity.

I have undertaken work experience for the past month at Kinetic and I have really enjoyed working there. This is my fourth work experience placement. The first few days were spent getting to know the staff, their client base and the procedures and policies. The well thought out schedule that Aimee put together for me helped me make the most of my time at the company. I felt part of the Kinetic Team, as I was involved in writing and researching, meeting clients, not just making tea and coffee! (regardless of the title of my blog!). I have enjoyed the communal lunches and light hearted discussions about life. The closeness of the company members was refreshing to me and I felt very welcome there.

This is my last week at Kinetic. My work experience has fulfilled my need to know more about the PR environment. The experience and knowledge I have gained will help me in my search to find a career in PR.