It’s the end of my second week at Kinetic, and I’m beginning to feel that the intricate inner workings of an organisation, from cooking oil to accounting, may take a while longer to get my head around than I first thought.

However, despite the usual first week apprehension, I feel that my settling in period is coming to a close and with it, a realisation of just how much has changed in the three years since I was last here as an undergraduate on a work placement.

Kinetic as a company has grown to encompass a bigger team, more clients and a completely different business model to when the consultancy started back in 2004. Equally, I have since finished my degree, gained over a years experience in PR and managed to keep my head above water!

Back in 2006, we had avian flu, Google bought YouTube for over $1 billion and we had the warmest year since records began. Perhaps the most significant event to happen since has been the timely fall of Lehman brothers and the economic aftermath that resulted.

What this has helped me to realise is that the key to longevity is, for the most part, adaptability. Changing your stripes to match the environment pays dividends when the climate changes, and over the last few years, things have irrevocably changed.

Despite all of the changes however, one thing has remained constant in the values that Kinetic sticks to in every aspect of the business. One element, I think, that is weathering the storm for a very good reason – it just works.