So, a month on from our epic climb of Snowdon (and the 16 hour team-building day that went with it!), what is the lasting legacy? Other than the fact my toenails – which have gone through purple, black, green and yellow – are now about to fall off!

Well, the first thing we learned is that we can spend a full day together – under stressful and physically-demanding conditions – without killing each other. Always helpful to know!

Secondly, that we are quite good at supporting each other through challenges. Another helpful trait when it comes to pulling together as a team to meet deadlines and achieve our goals.

However, most importantly, the day gave us a chance to reflect.

Have you heard the story of the cobbler’s shoes? The cobbler spends all day mending shoes for his customers but when you look at his own feet and those of his family, all you see are rags.

We’ve felt a little like that with our own PR and marketing. Quite rightly, we dedicate our time to solving our clients’ communications problems – whether by integrating their communications, defining their cause and values, or measuring the outcomes so they can see on what their money is being spent.

But, that leaves very little time to solve our own communications problems! Primarily, just what is it we are in business to do. If The Metro is in business to stop people having to look at each other on the bus or Tube and Selfridges is in business to make people feel they can achieve their material aspirations, then should we still be calling ourselves PR consultants?

Or, is PR in its traditional perceived form dead?! Will come back to this topic next time…