Recent weeks have seen the PR industry come together to discuss evaluation (again) and come up with innovative new solutions (again) to justify our existence to clients (again). You can read some of my thoughts on the Barcelona Principles on my blog.

But, are we actually making any progress? These principles are nothing new. Ditching AVE is nothing new. Measuring PR is nothing new. Only the PR industry could be shouting about new principles when nothing has changed.

For many PR consultancies and their clients, life will go on as normal. A mixture of measurement techniques – qualitative and quantitative – that embrace reputation holistically. Some of the common measurement techniques can be found on the Kinetic website.

There needs to be a shake-up. More consultancies need to start offering guarantees and speaking in the businesses language that clients understand – return on investment, key performance indicators, and so on.
Whether PR continues to exist will depend on how it embraces and supplants those encroaching on PR territory – advertisers, digital agencies, HR managers, etc. And, whether we can continue to justify our existence – and the budget – to our clients.

How do we do that without measurement?