A man who updated his Facebook status during his own wedding ceremony has caused controversy across the world. For many, the social media ‘prank’ was simply one step too far. But for others, the stunt generated the sort of free publicity many people only dream about.

Dana Hanna, the groom in question, runs internet business NextDayPets.com. Following the stunt, his Twitter feed was widely publicised, no doubt seeing a tremendous increase in traffic. Cunningly, the groom, who tweets under the name TheSoftwareJedi, has been able to make the most of the opportunity to expose his business to a whole new audience. A quick scroll through his recent news stories demonstrates that – he makes comment on several of the news stories which were run on him and also manages to sneak in the occasional ‘shameless plug’ about his business.

It’s an interesting case study in how quickly social media can help get your message into the world. It’s boomed in popularity across the world over recent years – and it’s not just a craze for students.

Nielsen Wire has cited that social media has overtaken porn and email as the number one reason why people go online in the first place. Furthermore Weber Shandwick has found that social media has become the most influential source in helping consumers make product decisions.

So, in many ways, whether the Facebook stunt was tacky or inspired is beside the point. For Dana Hanna, it’s made him, and his business, an overnight sensation.