I can’t quite believe this day has come – my last at Kinetic!

As some of you know, I decided a few months ago that the time had come to re-evaluate my life and, mainly, my career.
After a lot of thinking and soul-searching, I made the difficult decision to leave Kinetic in the pursuit of something a bit different.
My five years at Kinetic have been incredible. It’s only when you sit down and look back at everything, that you realise just how much you’ve achieved and learned and how many brilliant people you’ve met along the way.
There have been some magical highs. Certain clients have been nothing short of brilliant – totally understanding the power of communications and putting everything in to building a relationship with Kinetic that delivered outstanding results.
There have been people who’ve made the time fly by thanks to their specialist expertise, meaning I didn’t have to get too involved with finances, IT, etc (Betsy – that’s you!).
There have been certain journalists who’ve always been open to good ideas and treated us with respect, helping to make great stories happen.
And of course, there’s been a quite superb Kinetic team. I’ve probably spent more time in the company of a certain Angela Podmore than her husband has over the past five years! Aimee has been a revelation – that girl will go far. And more recently, the likes of Majella, Jane, Guy and James have made a big difference to the business.
Of course, it’s not all been smooth-running. Attempted break-ins, recruitment mistakes and creative ideas that didn’t quite come off (ear-plugs anyone?!?!) have tested the team at times.
But on the whole it’s been the best kind of roller-coaster ride – one where you don’t quite know what’s coming next but you get off with a smile on your face.
For anyone who’d like to stay in touch with me, please feel free to email me at clairebarker100@hotmail.com