One day is not much time to gauge a prospective employer.  What will they be like?  Will they like me…will I like them?  Will I know they like me? Will they know I like them? Ahh!!!

The stress and nerves slowly melt away as my two ‘welcomers’ welcomed me to the Kinetic team for the day.  After brief formalities, Claire and Aimee share a detailed account review meeting.  As names and details fly in and out of the conversation, I start to get a feel for how Kinetic systematically work through each client’s progress, allowing open communication between the team and highlighting the type of support that may be on offer for me.

OK, here goes.  Time to put my skills to work (insecurity briefly rears its ugly head once more) and I begin writing my first press release for one of the new Kinetic clients.  As I ponder and pine over my words, wanting to be witty – but not too witty, smart – but not too smart – detailed, but not over the top – I notice the time that has passed!  Quick – get it done – nobody likes a slow worker!

After a quick break for lunch and a chat over the state of the world with Aimee and Claire, it’s back to work on the release.  Time is ticking away and I want to impress with my super fast, witty, grammatically sound writing capabilities (?!).

Pheww – done.

After meeting with an external website designer, and a bit more chatting with Aimee, my day at Kinetic has drawn to a close.  As I think about heading off, I try to capture and memorise the details of the day so I can no doubt talk off my partner’s ear over a much needed glass of wine tonight.

A ‘try-before-you-buy’ in its most literal sense, my day in the life of a Kinetic worker has been excellent.

Hopefully the first of more blogs to come!