Seven ways to increase social media engagement

Social media can be a minefield for many business owners. You know it’s important, but coming up with ideas for content that drive social media engagement and get results isn’t easy.

Social media isn’t something you do on a ‘whim’, it should be planned, consistent and strategic to get the best results. Below, we’ve outlined seven of our top tips for driving social media engagement for your business – regardless of the platform you’re using.

1. Listen

The number one rule for increasing social media engagement is listening. If all you’re doing is talking about yourself or your brand, you’re simply ‘broadcasting’ to your followers – and there’s only so much time before they switch off.

By reading, engaging and sharing relevant content from others alongside your regular posting creates a conversation between you and your followers. This drives a balance between talking and listening – keeping your audience engaged for longer.

Listen to what others’ are talking about, and consider how you can add value to the conversations they’re having.

2. Ask questions

Your social platform isn’t all about you – it’s about encouraging others to respond. Ask questions, and make use of tools like surveys and polls to get to know your followers. This will allow you to tailor your content to your audience, encouraging greater social media engagement across your platforms.

It’s important to keep your questions focused around your industry or the things that matter to your audience. That way, the resulting engagement will be truly valuable to your business.

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3. Vary the kind of content you’re posting

It’s increasingly accepted that using engaging images in social content can increase social media engagement, as it gives users a reason to pause and digest the post. It’s all about grabbing their attention.

More recently, more than half of marketers are now acknowledging that video is the most valuable content type for maximising social media engagement. Yet, it’s reported to make up only 14%, 11% and 5% of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s content respectively.

Varying the kind of content you post – from plain text with emojis to images to video, for example – keeps your followers engaged, as your posting remains dynamic. It also encourages people to actually read what you’re posting, instead of simply scrolling past.

4. Consider live content

Although planning your content in advance saves times and keeps your profile ‘ticking over’, reactive and live content is also incredibly important for social media engagement.

Consider running live Q&A sessions, webinars or collaborative events that make use of the different platforms’ functionalities. Getting ahead of trends – such as Twitter Spaces – before they become commonplace can be a great way to boost engagement with your profile.

5. Use and engage with relevant hashtags

It’s not just about adding them to the end of your post and forgetting about them. You can also follow, research and engage with other hashtags to increase your profile’s visibility.

When it comes to hashtags, there are lots of things to think about, and taking the time to develop a hashtag strategy can really pay off when it comes to social media engagement.

6. Be consistent

Social media is all about consistency. The more regularly you post, the better your results will be. Create a plan that helps you to keep on top of routine posting, and diarise time to ‘curate’ (listen to) your platforms and audience content.

Consider creating a month’s worth of posts in advance, then use your time throughout the month to create smaller, reactive posts and engage with others.

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7. Evaluate your performance

Social media can be incredibly time consuming, so making sure you’re putting your time and resources into the right things is key for maximising social media engagement.

No matter what activity you’re doing, set some time aside to evaluate how it’s working. This will give you the insight you need to make changes and improve the performance for future activity.


Whether you’re using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or any other social platform, engagement drives results.

If you want to know how your social platforms could be performing better – or simply get some fresh ideas for your activity – book your free communications review here.

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