Case study: Sales-i PR to build the brand and foster a positive culture

Case study


Working with Kinetic, Sales-i needed support with its internal communications.

Kinetic initially worked with sales-i to draft its brand DNA, articulating:

  • Why sales-i does what it does (its vision)
  • How sales-i does things differently (its mission)

Sales-i’s code of conduct (its values).

PR that builds a company culture

After this, Kinetic then addressed Sales-i’s internal communication – sending out a DNA questionnaire to its team. This questionnaire asked for internal feedback on how well Sales-i communicates as a company, as well as thoughts on its fresh, draft DNA.

By asking every team member to have their say in the future direction of the business, Sales-i started to foster their deeper engagement and inculcate a culture of where people come to work ‘on purpose’ rather than simply for the money.

Image of DNA

The diference

Sales-i articulated its brand DNA – ie why it stands out from all the other systems which empower sales teams with actionable insights enabling them to sell smart every day. What makes it different and how it’s a values-led business.

This resulted in clear and consistent brand messaging which – like a stick of rock – will be amplified as it’s carried through into every communication from Sales-i.

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