How do PR and SEO work together? – a case study

“Simply put, we’ve re-moulded our business this year (2020).

“We knew we had world-beating solutions which are highly trusted by our users but we were unsure about how to build that trust with strangers.

“Having met Kinetic at RWM in 2019, they started by making us more visible.

“Then we set measurable objectives and built detailed pictures of exactly who we wanted to become customers.

“Kinetic is turning what we do every day into impactful editorial for high domain authority media outlets.

Image of James Mountain

“We’ve seen clear evidence of the return on our investment:

  1. A regular supply of high-quality sales lead which convert quickly
  2. Google Analytics – traffic, engagement and conversions are all up
  3. CRM – leads, prospects and conversions are all up
  4. Turnover has doubled
  5. Team has doubled.


“So many marketing companies seem to be ‘all bark and no bite’.  Kinetic and First Internet (Fire Shield Systems’ SEO agency) make a formidable combination.” – James Mountain, sales and marketing director, Fire Shield Systems. 

Fire Shield Systems’ marketing revolution

The situation

Fire Shield Systems, designer and installer of bespoke commercial fire protection systems, wanted to integrate its marketing communications and enlisted Kinetic and First Internet, a digital marketing agency to:

  • Kinetic to:
    • lift Fire Shield Systems’ profile
    • raise authority across high-risk industries
    • draw visitors to the website
    • generate high quality sales leads.


  • First Internet to:
    • drive high quality website traffic and conversions
    • search engine optimisation
    • improve user experience.

The solution

In close collaboration, Kinetic and First Internet share:

  • content to ensure consistency of story and tone of voice across all FSS’ owned, earned and paid media
  • high quality backlinks from editorial outlets
  • keyword research and search rankings intelligence to incorporate into content.

The outcome                              

Year on year FFS’ Google Analytics – from 1 Jan 2020 to 30 Sep 2020 – shows:

  • 131% increase in referral traffic from highly credible sources
  • 100% increase in organic traffic from relevant audiences
  • 236% more specific conversions (website visitors completing a specific action on the website, such as filling in contact form)
  • 82% increase in overall conversion rate.

“The PR by Kinetic to increase brand awareness of Fire Shield Systems on third party websites has really supported our SEO efforts and had a tremendous impact on relevant traffic coming to the website,” Natasia Rubin, marketing account manager, First Internet.

For more information on how PR can support your SEO efforts and ultimately increase brand awareness, get in touch.

The theory behind Fire Shield Systems’ marketing revolution

Your marketing strategy will give you more powerful results when you get public relations (PR) and search engine optimisation (SEO) to complement one another:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Time efficiencies
  • Concerted approach to generating high quality backlinks which raise your authority.


PR governs business reputation across all media – earned, owned and paid [internal link to earned, owned and paid media blog] – including social media, blog posts and securing editorial coverage in key industry outlets.

SEO is the long-term process with long-lasting effect to increase organic (unpaid) traffic and conversions from audiences relevant to your business by raising the number of backlinks and thereby authority of your business in search results as a source of information.

PR extends how many people a brand reaches. 

SEO ensures your digital presence is at its strongest when customers arrive on your website.

The key: get your SEO and PR working together for a more substantial return on your investment.


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