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Plastic Omnium


Plastic Omnium experienced problems getting its voice heard of why plastic bins are superior to metal ones.


Leveraging findings from a leading authority – the Health & Safety Laboratory – citing report of how plastic bins are better than metal ones as they cause fewer musculo-skeletal injuries.


Several ‘trade bibles’ – the key business-to-business titles serving the waste management sector – featured the case for plastic bins.  Each feature was bylined by a Plastic Omnium director and citied the Health & Safety Laboratory as a source.  The features were published in synchronisation with the industry’s major trade exhibition – RWM.

“They were very clear from the start as to what constituted success. We set ambitious targets and Kinetic has exceeded my expectations. You just have to point them in the right direction and they do the rest. I’ve never worked with a consultancy where they care as much about our brand as we do.”

Simon Dutta, former Head of Marketing – Northern Europe, Plastic Omnium




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