Phoenix Beard


To add value to every element of Phoenix Beard’s communications campaign.


Continually pushing for more than six years – every quarterly review has brought new achievements and new ideas to keep the campaign fresh.


This owner-managed surveyor holds its own against international competition.

“Kinetic are a joy to work with because they fairly effortlessly adjust themselves to whatever communications task we set them. We start with some basics, do a little brainstorming, and in no time the ideas are forming and the concepts are coming together – it’s almost like a chemical reaction and it’s pure magic!”

Jo Poole, former Marketing Manager, Phoenix Beard 

“We treasure relationships with our clients – some of whom we’ve had for over 40 years so you can imagine how careful we are about who we put in front of our clients and the ISO mark ensures professional rigour throughout the team and their work on our behalf. That sounds dreadfully dull but they’re always brimming with fresh ideas.”

Simon Farrant, MD, Phoenix Beard



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