“Kinetic is creating content strategies, refocusing our customers on what we do, sharing our knowledge and building strong and secure relationships.

“They also generate powerful backlinks which are great for SEO and getting on page one of Google but, the best measure of all, our sales are up, year-on-year.”

Louise Monk – Marketing & PR Executive, Evac+Chair International

“Working with Kinetic is refreshing, it’s enjoyable. They get us. They got us from day one…

…They go out of their way to support us!”

Amy Speake – Managing Partner, Holmes Noble

“We wanted help getting this product into the market, we had to get this product out there as a product people would consider using. To builders, people who actually build buildings, it’s very sensible…

“Kinetic took a complete view of the market, and came to us and said why don’t you do this?… let’s keep it obvious to the market.

“We were quite surprised about the levels of enquiries we got back. Over 4,000 leads generated in a 6-month campaign, I was absolutely stunned.

“It’s not the whole story but it’s a vital part of it”

Will Kirkman – Managing Director, ecomerchant

“Kinetic really understands our business which is complex. 

“They show it in the deeply technical copy they created to gain coverage in heavyweight industry publications.

“They’re an extension of our team and are delivering results in increasingly measurable ways.”

Rob Owen, Marketing Director, Actavo Industrial Solutions

“Content creation is at the core of many marketing activities. A perfectly crafted website is no good without fresh and unique content and an eye-catching brochure is nothing if it’s got nonscene written in it

“Angela at Kinetic Communications was wonderful in guiding me on my untrodden path of content marketing. From understanding the values and mission of my business, all the way to the specifics of the topic itself. Angela and her team produced a beautifully orchestrated story of the work my business do

“Angela will always ensure that your business and its values are portrayed to your customers and prospects, and I look forward to learning more from her about the world of great content.”

Daniel Clements, Managing Director, SheshTech

“Kinetic came to us through my M-link back in December 2010. They guaranteed what we could expect at the end of the initial trial period and they’ve delivered. They understand not only our industry but also the industries we serve.”

Mike Stanley, managing director of TEAL Patents