Our range of PR and communications services will help you make a step-change to your business.

Media relations

Case study : Lorne Stewart

How easily people find you on an internet search depends on many factors but a big factor depends on your backlinks. Not all backlinks are created equal.  A piece of genuine editorial – say a mention in the Daily Mail or on the BBC – is Google page rank gold dust.  But it takes a compelling piece of content to secure it.  Let us show you how it could work for you.

  • Researching relevant media and publications for your business and compiling them into key targets
  • Pitching articles and features to the press
  • Generating backlinks to your site – crucial for SEO

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Communications plans and strategies

Case study: Cornbow

You can have a world-beating brand on paper but how do you get it in front of prospects?  How do you amplify your brand so you communicate it compellingly and consistently. A great communications strategy weaves EVERY element of everything your company says and does into one whole WOW of a brand.  It tells you what to say, how and where to say it and how to integrate it consistently across owned, earned and paid media.

  • Develop tailored calendar on a 6-month basis – what will happen and when
  • Define your key markets, priorities, audiences and channels suitable to you
  • Create compelling content to push out across owned, earned and bought media
  • Set key targets and goals to measure success

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Crisis management

Case Study: Alsters Kelley

When the tide goes out, don’t get caught swimming without your trunks on!  Have a communications plan in place.  Test it to ensure it’s watertight.  Then when crisis hits, your whole team trips into ‘automatic pilot’ and is left to focus on the finer details and judgment calls.

  • Assist with clear and fast decision making
  • Prepare full emergency communications plans
  • Carry out full testing to prepare for any worst-case situation

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VMV / brand communications strategies

Case study: The Rootless Pub

  • Define your key messages – vision, mission and values
  • Show you how to push these out through owned, earned and bought media
  • Develop key insights on opportunities available to you

What makes your company special?  Are you ready to deliver that if you get into a lift with your ideal prospect?  The so-called ‘elevator sell’?  Can you do it in 60 seconds? What’s your sustainable competitive advantage?  What’s your unique selling proposition/point (USP)?  Jack Welch – who turned around America’s largest corporation at the time, GE – and is famous for saying, ‘no competitive advantage, then don’t compete’.    Every company has its own ‘DNA’.  Make sure yours isn’t cloned.  You need to stand out then stand up for what you stand for.  We’ll capture your DNA and show you how you how to communicate it in the most trustworthy ways – integrated and amplified consistently.

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Internal communications strategies

Case study: Martindale Pharma

An engaged workforce is highly productive.  ‘Engaged’ means people or a team putting their heart and soul into their work. They truly believe in the company’s vision, mission and values rather than going through the motions of coming to work for the money – ie ‘you can have my mind and body in working hours only’.  When asked what he did at Cape Canaveral, the cleaner replied to the President, “Me Sir, I’m helping put a man on the moon”. With that, he showed a real connection between his contribution towards a greater purpose of which mopping the floor played an integral part.


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