My first week on the job

No doubt about it: my first week on the job was a whirlwind of education and discovery.

No doubt about it: my first week on the job was a whirlwind of education and discovery.

So I arrived Monday morning to the office. A little nervous, a little apprehensive, but excited nonetheless. Greeted by the bubbly Angela, I entered the realm that is Kinetic. The week’s pace quickly picked up as I was deeply submerged into the world of Kinetic’s clients – and what a scary, exciting and interesting world that is.

It‘s always funny when you start a new job. You go through the same insecure motions and feelings of ‘I am way out of my depth’. Luckily for me, my moment came on the first day. The moment happened as I was listening to Angela and Aimee going through delegation in the monthly review meeting. As names and details flew out of the mouths of the two, it dawned on me that I had no clue, not even a slight guess, as to what the bulk of those names and details referred to. I must have had it written all over my face as both colleagues reassured me that ‘it’ll all make sense to you soon’. Hmmm.

Hopefully it all will! We all need a bit of transitional time when we start a new job, so I have included my top tips to help settle into a new role:

People get ready

Ensuring that you are well prepared in advance of your first week can make all the difference. It can help to build your confidence and can ensure that you get the most out of your first week. It is likely that you will have done a fair amount of research prior to your interview for the position, so review that information and research the organisation’s structure, its strategy and how it takes care of its people.

Where am I going?

On your first day ask the person or people conducting your orientation to define what you will be doing during your first week, and how they intend to familiarise you with the company. That way you can be clear about how you will go about integrating yourself into the team.

Carl? Charles?

It sounds simple and obvious, yet remembering or forgetting names is something that can make a very good or a very bad impression.

I am ME!

It is essential that you take responsibility for integrating yourself with your team and with your colleagues and that you be proactive in introducing yourself to the people you meet.


Your first week in a new job is likely to be the only time during which you can observe the working environment with true clarity and objectivity. Again, the things that you notice in your first week may not be so evident once you become preoccupied with everyday responsibilities and distractions, so it is worth noting your observations and referring to them at a later date. Do remember, however, that first impressions are not always accurate so avoid making generalizations or judgments; merely observe behaviour and procedure and jot down any good ideas you might have.


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