A portrait of Charlotte Thorp

The serious stuff…

I have recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first in English language, excited to pursue a career in PR and communications

Personality profile

Honest, highly organised and driven.

Admires most

My mum – anyone that’s able to keep up with my constant talking and subject switching deserves a medal.

Extraordinary talent

My ‘extra-usual’ talent is the ability to catalogue 13 Roald Dahl books, analysing and collating his lexical innovations for their morphological and phonological components cementing a first from the University of Birmingham in English Language.

What flicks my switch?

Heart of Midlothian Football club – an eight hour round trip to watch them.

Favourite film

The Little Mermaid

Favourite track

Changes depending on my mood.

Favourite invention

The kindle – multiple books on the move without the weight.

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