The serious stuff…

Seasoned PR operator of over 30 years’ achievement across borders, markets, media, consultancy and in-house disciplines. Last sixteen years as CEO – first two in a PLC, last fourteen in own consultancy (100% equity holder).

Career highlights:

  • Demonstrating to clients what PR is doing for them using hard data from Google Analytics.
  • Helping a 35-year old organisation capture its competitive edge.
  • Innovating the money back guarantee – now used as an industry benchmark.

Personality profile

Driver, extrovert, thinks intuitively, head over heart and likes order (despite whacky exterior.)

Admires most

The Queen – not particularly a royalist – sorry Mum – but anyone who can keep her seat when being shot at – and keep an intruder talking while he sits on your bed – gets my vote.

Extraordinary talent

Remaining big-hearted while hard-headed.

What flicks my switch?

Mountains and climbing or skiing them.Riding a bike anywhere. Yoga.

Favourite film

Choice between The English Patient – the romance, Witness – Harrison Ford at his zenith and When Harry Met Sally – just so witty, authentic and Billy Crystal at his family-show-best.

Favourite track

Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection. Never tire of it.

But adore Killers – All these things that I have done – dance like no one is watching.

Favourite invention

The car – for the amount of freedom it provides. Although this may change to the bike.

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