The serious stuff…

A highly organised and creative bod who started her first business from a spare bedroom at home. Has since owned property development, IT and graphic design businesses.

Personality profile

Tenacious. Creative. Neat-freak.

Admires most

My Dad (now sadly passed away) who was left to raise three young children when he was young himself, and did a stellar job. A professional photographer by trade who regularly lectured me about quality, professionalism and respect.

Extraordinary talent

The ability to bring order, colour and style to any space.

What flicks my switch?

Living a simpler, natural, chemical and preservative free life as possible.

Favourite film

I love smart, unpredictable movies. Currently Se7en (a long term favourite) and Miss Sloane.

Favourite track

Changes constantly but Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack is a constant.

Favourite invention

The camera with the ability to capture a moment in time and preserve. It still astounds me.

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