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An example of a brand in manufacturing making a step-change to its growth by using a Kinetic Communications strategy.





TEAL Patents business was built on several years of success in the commercial vehicle sector but its coverage was mainly ‘colour separation-led’ and lacked authoritative commentary. TEAL also wanted to open new markets, particularly:

  • Medical – including care and nursing
  • Education – particularly nurseries
  • Catering – particularly outside caterers eg festivals


  • Using the news agenda, hard-hitting statistics and NHS guidelines, a media relations campaign targeted each sector.
  • Messaging positioned TEAL as the solution to providing the NHS’ gold standard of hand hygiene even when running water and waste weren’t available.
  • Seasonal news hooks eg winter onset viruses and back to school bugs.
  • Legionella save the day case study and new product development in partnership with Wolverhampton NHS trust.
  • Launching the TEAL Task Force service.
  • Exhibition support – including media packs, surveys and sampling.
  • International – three page authoritative feature in Arab Health positioning TEAL as world leaders.
  • Highly targeted use of e-zines including infographics.


  • As a result, TEAL’s coverage, turnover and also profit continue to grow, year-on-year by opening new markets without any increase in PR costs.
  • Successful first for the company – a new service was launched: TEAL Task Force.
  • Writing, award-winning entries eg Insider.
  • Widespread media coverage, online and in print, within heavyweight, premier, trade titles.

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