Life at Kinetic: My first month

Just over a month ago, I stepped through the doors of Kinetic Communications to a whole new way of working life. As a content author at Spark44 previously, I was already used to a fast-paced, deadline dawning environment but Kinetic was much more than that.

Moving from such a large agency – feeling like you’re at university again in a lecture hall of 300, knowing only a handful of names – to a boutique, family-feel agency, is undeniably very different. Even though there are pros and cons of both (it’s really whichever suits the person), I can definitely see why some say the big agency experience is overrated.

Although the work is quite different and the agencies differ in size, I have certainly had my hands full from day one. From launching a Facebook competition to selling-in a royal visit to national press – it’s safe to say that no two days are the same at Kinetic. The whole team work hard but they also know how to put a smile on someone’s face, whether it be work or social – which is necessary in order to keep that work-life balance scale symmetrical.

For many, starting a new job may be exciting, yet for others it can be quite a daunting experience. Here are my three tips for starting a new job, whether it be in PR or another industry:

Know the business: It’s a really good idea to go into the place you aspire to work before you even start. Even if it’s just for a few days, if you get the chance to do this then take it. I did two days at Kinetic, a few months before I started, to ‘test the water’ as they say and I loved it! This way you’ll know if the job is right for you or not.

Get stuck in: From the first day, like an Olympian jumping off the top board going for gold, I dived right in. I had a variety of tasks for multiple client accounts, all of which were enjoyable and taught me something new. It’s important to get stuck in as this way you’ll settle in quicker and know what you’re doing sooner.

Become part of the team: The people you work with are a big part of the job, so it’s important that the whole team clicks. Be sure to find your place in the team sooner rather than later, so you know where you stand. If someone has a weakness, another makes up for that in their strength – and that’s exactly how it is at Kinetic. At the end of the day, we all work together as the amazing team we are!


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