Communications campaigns to help manufacturing and engineering firms reach their ideal target audiences.

Manufacturing PR expertise

Delivering unique and effective communications campaigns for manufacturers and engineering companies.

Technical businesses – manufacturing, engineering – need a mix of B2B and B2C (business to business, business to consumer) communications.

They need to be seen as a trusted expert in their field.

Kinetic’s communication strategies help these businesses raise their visibility, credibility and trust in seriously competitive markets.

Video Testimonials

Case Study 1

Teal Patents Ltd

Teal Patents Ltd manufactures portable handwashing solutions to deliver the gold-standard in handwashing, free of mains water supply, using soap with warm, running water.

The challenge

Teal Patents started in the commercial vehicle sector – helping food delivery and automotive rescue patrolmen keep their hands clean and healthy.

It knew a wider audience wanted their products if only they knew about them. Teal needed help in opening new markets eg: medical, education and catering.

Much of Teal’s media presence was paid-for advertorial (rather than earned editorial) and thereby lacked authority.

The solution

Kinetic designed Teal’s key messaging and amplified this through authoritative, editorial content. This positioned the product as the solution to achieving the NHS’ gold standard of hand hygiene – even when running water is unavailable.

The communications campaign targeted each sector individually – using the news agenda, hard-hitting statistics and NHS guidelines to ensure content remained relevant and engaging.

This secured international coverage, with a three-page, authoritative feature in Arab Health which positioned Teal Patents Ltd as the world’s leader in its field.

The outcome

The campaign firmly established Teal as the category and thought leader in its field.

Teal’s turnover and profit continued to grow, year-on-year, as it opened new markets. It achieved this without increasing its PR costs and slashing its paid-for spend.

The challenge

After working with a number of PR agencies, Evac+Chair asked its trusted advisers for recommendations for a new PR consultancy.

Its aim was to secure a higher return on its PR investment including a lift in high-quality website traffic.

The solution

Kinetic worked closely with Evac+Chair to define its vision, mission and values and integrate these into a new, ‘The Changing Nature of Risk’ campaign.

This campaign involved organising and running a roundtable event with key industry leaders to debate how the nature of risk in the built environment is changing.

From this, we developed a white paper entitled ‘The Changing Nature of Risk’.

The outcome

The roundtable event, white paper and resulting editorial content contributed to:

  • Evac+Chair getting its message across to a broad range of its target audiences
  • Evac+Chair’s market-leading position
  • Building the brand’s credibility
  • Building confidence in the brand’s expertise
  • Rise in high-quality website traffic.


Google Analytics tracked how high-quality content kept visitors on Evac+Chair’s website for longer. The more pages they read, the more units Evac+Chair sold.

Case Study 2

Evac+Chair International

Evac+Chair International is the recognised, global leader in the design and manufacture of evacuation chairs. The chairs are designed to help the mobility-impaired evacuate a building safely in an emergency.

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