For businesses across the environmental industry, delivering compelling and sustainable messages to your target audience is key to bringing about industry-wide change.

Environmental Expertise

Delivering specialist, environmental, communications solutions across the industry including:

  • Waste management
  • Recycling
  • Energy
  • Water.

Environmental businesses wanting to champion sustainable change need PR strategies which:

  • Deliver compelling ‘green’ messages to key audience groups who will lead others
  • Raise your brand’s awareness
  • Establish your business as a sustainability leader.

Video Testimonials

Case Study 1

REG Bio-Power UK Ltd.

REG Bio-Power is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy products, delivering high-quality renewable projects for its customers.

The challenge

REG Bio-Power identified house-holders poured their waste cooking oil down the drains. This creates ‘fatbergs’ of FOG (fat, oil and grease).

Their innovative solution:

  • Convert waste cooking oil to power
  • Get householders to recycle their old oil at household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

The solution

  • Change minds
  • Changes hearts
  • Change behaviour.


Kinetic worked with YouGov to survey consumers waste oil handling habits.

Questions showed:

  • Widespread nature of problem (geography and demographics)
  • Consumer ignorance of best practice and cost of remedying poor practice.


Results were tailored to each town to generate compelling and wide-spread editorial in the most trusted media: local and regional newspapers, broadcast (TV and radio).

The outcome

The campaign:

  • Compelled householders to recycle their used cooking oil and save themselves from expensive drain trouble
  • Take their waste oil to be recycled
  • REG Biopower’s investment in the PR campaign correlated with a lift in UCO volume at HWRCs.

The challenge

UK construction still relies heavily on old custom and practice.

STEICO is on a mission to get the UK construction supply chain building better – more healthily and sustainably.

The solution

STEICO’s campaign shared the benefits – for both occupant and environmental health – of building with natural and sustainable materials.

A wide range of highly authoritative construction media ran bylined features by STEICO which:

  • Secured commitments from the British construction supply chain to build healthy buildings
  • Subscriptions to STEICO newsletter
  • Pinning a coloured leaf to STEICO’s ‘healthy buildings tree’ at Futurebuild 2019 (tradeshow).

The outcome

Content generated throughout the campaign was shared by a number of STEICO’s key competitors.

Through association, STEICO has built trust and credibility by leading thinking on the healthy building subject.

This resulted in:

  • Increased visits to STEICO’s Futurebuild stand
  • The tree’s return to STEICO’s Futurebuild stand in 2020
  • More ‘leaves’ on the tree – each leaf representing the commitment of a member of the trade to building healthier
  • More subscriptions to STEICO’s newsletter
  • More sales leads generated
  • A three-fold increase in sales.

Case Study 2


STEICO is the world-leader in wood fibre insulation, offering a sustainable and breathable building solution to its clients, worldwide.

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