How to build client personas

When developing your company’s marketing strategy, there’s a lot of thinking about you – your purpose, values, and your competitive stand-out. But it’s also important to think about your audience – your ideal ‘client personas’ – those who will be receiving your messages and deciding if they would do business with your company.

Defining your target audience is essential for you to be able to target them effectively.  

By creating clear client personas to identify and define your ideal customer, you can engage them more successfully.

Read on to learn what client personas are and how they fit into your communications plan.

What are client personas?

Client personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer.

They go further than demographic segments to identify key traits and characteristics of your ideal client – eg what are their motivators, problems or key behaviours?

This information is not ‘plucked from thin air’, but instead based on your data, research and experience surrounding your target audience.

Client personas don’t have to be solely based on existing customers. You can also use different personas to identify new potential customers you’re looking to reach.

A graphic of a client persona.

Why are client personas important?

As the quote from Meredith Hill goes; “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”.

Focusing your content and communications towards specific groups of people improves your chances of reaching the people who need your company’s services or align themselves with your mission and values.

Building and referring to client personas allows you to personalise your marketing for each segment of your audience and create the messages that will have an impact on them.

How do you build client personas?

The process of building a unique client persona may seem daunting, but you likely have a good understanding of your ideal client already.

Usually, your previous or existing clients may be what you would call an ‘ideal customer’. Identify any key traits in these clients, including what it is that makes them well suited for you.

If you’re not sure, try looking through your contacts database for trends, reviewing existing case studies or even interviewing some clients and prospects.

Collect all the quality data you can gather, you should curate the answers to these key questions about your ideal client.

A person writing the word “audience” on a whiteboard.

Identifying and understanding your target audience is key to getting your messages to the right people. Client personas work alongside your DNA and enhances your marketing strategy to convey what’s unique about your business.

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