A robot writing your business’ next piece of content might sound like an April Fools joke, but with the intelligence of AI improving and free to use sites such as Chat GPT popping up for general use, this is becoming more commonplace as we look to the future of PR.

While AI content is not without its pitfalls, let’s see its many PR ‘gifts’:

1. Content creation and curation

AI has already started to transform the way content can be created. Until recently, PR professionals had to rely on their creativity to create content for clients. Today, AI can generate content in various forms – whether that’s a blog, a social media post or a press release.

AI-powered content can produce large volumes of high-quality content to save PR professionals valuable time and resources.

At Kinetic, we’re currently working with the University of Birmingham to explore the difference between AI-generated and human-generated content, to fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of this type of content.

2. Automated insights and analytics

In addition to creating content, AI can automate insights and analytics to quickly analyse data, monitor social media trends and track media coverage. By processing large amounts of data in real time, PR professionals are better able to understand their audience and make informed decisions about their communication strategies.

AI is able to identify patterns and predict trends much more accurately than a PR professional, making it easier for us to plan campaigns and anticipate potential issues with real insight.

Image showing Chat GPT AI software

3. Improved personalisation

AI-powered tools can help PR professionals to personalise their communication strategies by analysing vast amounts of data on a client’s target audience. This analysis can subsequently help PR professionals to create content and strategies that resonate with particular audiences, making campaigns more effective overall.

Potential pitfalls…

Reading the above, AI seems like it’s set to save the day and improve the quality of PR for clients, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

AI isn’t able to replicate a PR professional’s creativity and strategic thinking, yet. For example, any PR person worth their salt is likely to better understand how to match a client’s business and communications strategy with nuanced ideas rather than algorithm-aggregating AI.

Many if those trying out AI such as Chat GPT find it impressive with the first blog it writes, but subsequent requests will often all take on a similar form and with a similar tone-of-voice.

There’s also a danger of creating a skills gap. If your PR efforts rely on AI, once the individuals with hands-on writing experience leave the workplace, this will create a huge issue due to a lack of experience in creating content as part of a coherent strategy.

AI in almost every sector is all about balance. For example, using Chat GPT to provide ideas for a strategy or the bones of a blog that an individual can flex to fit their client’s individual needs.


But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Chat GPT says about AI’s role in PR’s future:

“Based on my training data and analysis of industry trends, I can say that AI is poised to play a crucial role in the future of PR, enabling practitioners to work more efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and deliver more personalized and effective communication strategies.”

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