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An example of a brand in the environmental industry making a step-change to its growth by using a Kinetic Communications strategy.


Who are they?

REG Bio-power Ltd is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects. With over ten years’ experience, they have delivered high quality renewable projects for their customers.

What was the problem?

Combating the issues and dangers of people pouring used cooking oil down the drain. Needed to communicate their innovative solutions.

What did we do?

  • Conducted a YouGov survey
  • Tailored the questions to create awareness of the widespread problem

What was the result?

  • Generated widespread coverage across the most trusted media – free sheets (define?)
  • Other coverage included TV, radio, local and regional press
  • Created a direct correlation between the investment into the campaign and the amount of oil in their centres. A visible ROI.

Other industries and sectors that have applied a communications strategy by Kinetic PR.

Employees from Reg Power and children show how to recycle plastic bottles

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