Top tips: how to stand out in the environmental industry

There has been an increasing uptake of socially responsible corporate values, with businesses operating in the environmental field increasingly promoting their sustainability practices.

A Nielsen survey conducted in 2019 found that, globally, 73% of customers would change their consumption patterns and attitudes if they benefitted the environment. This is driving businesses across the environmental sector to better communicate their brand values and how these are reflected in practice.

But, as all business’ social accountability increases, how can you ensure that you stand out as a trustworthy and respected leader in the environmental industry?

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What makes you different?

The core message of your brand should underpin all of your communications, separating you from your competition. You should focus not on what you do, but why you do it. What’s your purpose? What’s driving you?

Then think about what makes you stand out – what makes you different from all of your competitors across the world?

Particularly in the environmental sector, your brand should openly talk about the current climate and its problems, why these issues are important, and what your business offers in response. This should help you to position your business and develop your priorities as you grow.

Refine your target audiences

In the environmental industry, your target audiences may significantly vary. To engage your audience effectively, your content should adjust its tone of voice and messaging for each ‘persona’. For example, if you’re targeting an industry specialist, your tone should be reflective of this level of knowledge and formality. By tailoring your content to specific target audiences, you can focus on the communications that will deliver results.

It’s also important to identify those who have increasing purchasing power, and are most likely to adopt your service now and in the future.

Studies have found that 73% of Millennials and 72% of Generation-Z are willing to devote their loyalty to brands and business, and invest more money into them, if they have clear sustainable values that align with their own. By engaging with this audience who are leading the call for transparent environmental practices and sustainability, you will be able to nurture long-term health and loyalty towards your business and establish yourself as a key leader in the sector. 

Vary your types of communication

The environmental sector and its priorities continually change as science and technology develops and innovates. Staying informed on contemporary developments and debates can help you to make these issues clear to customers, building your authority and trust within the sector.

For more information on how you can make your business stand out against competitors, view our previous work with clients in the environmental industry, visit our packages page for more detail on the services we offer, or speak with a member of the team.


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