Communications plan

Bringing strategy, insight and creativity to your communications.

Importance of a
communications plan:

  • An integrated plan – what to say, who to say it to, how to say it, and how to measure whether it’s working (or not).
  • It focuses your efforts – ensures everything you do is aligned with your company purpose and business plan.
  • Helps you to define your target audience – who they are, their goals and problems and how you can reach them and solve those problems.
  • Plans bring purpose to all of your content.
  • Communicating your company’s purpose, so it resonates with every member of your team, your customers, prospects and partners.

Workshops to bring structure,
strategy and creativity to your communications:

  • Defining your brand’s communications objectives – with key measures so you can see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Developing target audience personas to bring focus and direction to your content.
  • Injecting compelling content ideas and creativity into your plan so it engages and builds trust with your audience.




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Kinetic made us think about the whole strategy from scratch and the process in its entirety, not just pick at it in bits and pieces.

James Ayres, Co-founder and Operations Director, Lime Green Products Ltd.

Kinetic has helped us pull together and manage our marketing across the business, embracing the website, social, media buying, SEO and PPC to ensure each element compliments the other.

James Mountain, Sales and Marketing Director, Fire Shield Systems Ltd.

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