Case study: Solar Farm Cleaning ‘PR that targets’

Case study

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Case study: Solar Farm Cleaning ‘PR that targets’

The difference

Solar Farm Cleaning optimises the performance of solar generation sites with an array of services.

Kinetic helped clarify Solar Farm Cleaning’s case for solar farm owners and investors to use their services to optimise their investment ie to make every bit of photovoltaic energy count.

By honing Solar Farm Cleaning Company’s corporate DNA, the whole team had a clearly defined vision, mission and values which guided:

PR to reach target audiences

Following Kinetic’s approach, Solar Farm Cleaning/Everblue had detailed pictures of their ideal prospects.

These personas of the company’s perfect customers described their demographics (where they are geographically, which industries they’re in and in which roles) as well as their  psychographics (their beliefs, values and pain points). Finally, we agreed which media were the most effective at reaching these ideal customers.

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Together, Kinetic and Solar Farm Cleaning/Everblue identified the need to build connections and credibility with industry decision makers, internationally.

To unlock the potential of solar events, shows and conferences, we worked together to:

Do you target your communications to build presence with the right groups?

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