Case study: Shesh Tech ‘PR the message kickstarter’

Case study

Shesh Tech

PR the message kickstarter

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The value for money is fantastic.

Daniel Clements
Shesh Tech

Headshot of Daniel Clements, Founder and Managing Director, Shesh Tech
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The difference

PR has helped Shesh Tech to tailor its approach to prospects, leading to more conversions.

Kinetic has brought clarity to Shesh Tech’s message, ensuring focus is firmly guided by measurable objectives to grow the business.

Kinetic’s sessions:

PR to drive a growing brand’s culture

Shesh Tech needed a structured and strategic approach to its marketing to keep pace with its growth. This meant capturing the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Working together with Kinetic, Shesh Tech created:

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What our client says...

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We’re much clearer on where we’d like to be as a business, what our values are and who our target market is.

Typically, before we were ‘let’s have everyone we can find’, but now we’re much more tailored in our approach to prospecting, as well as targeting our current customers with more tailored content.

Kinetic Kickstarter is relevant to any small business that wants to – as the name suggests – kickstart their marketing

That could be people with maybe no prior marketing experience or even businesses with prior marketing experience that they’ve not been satisfied with. We used a previous marketing company and it was not very well structured in terms of the arrangement, it was very much ‘as and when’. We didn’t feel very in the loop with what they were getting up to, and with regards to things like content our previous company would produce content and not consult us on it. Kinetic has been key in us resolving those issues.

Headshot of Daniel Clements, Founder and Managing Director, Shesh Tech
Daniel Clements
Founder, Shesh Tech

If you’d like to see how Kinetic could help your business to kickstart its PR and marketing, book your free communications review with us here:

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