Case study: Ripple HR ‘PR that’s valuable’

Case study

Ripple HR

Ripple HR ‘PR that’s valuable’

The difference

To help create meaningful and healthy relationships between employees and managers, Ripple HR needed to build more connections with potential clients online.

With Kinetic’s campaign of unique, valuable content containing benefit for their target audience, Ripple HR:

PR that generates trust

The key to reaching Ripple HR’s audience was a switch in perspective – from ‘we’ to ‘you’.

Ripple HR had a clear vision to improve employee wellbeing by sharing consistently helpful content for SME employers.

Topics ranged from the intricacies of employment law and it how it applies to advice on remote and safe working during the pandemic.

Kinetic broadcasted Ripple HR’s expertise by:

woman holding DNA strand graphic

Not sure how to improve your company’s social media presence?

Get in touch to learn more about valuable content:

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