Case study: PML ‘PR that lifts recruitment’

Case study


PR that lifts recruitment

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You were very flexible and understanding of our constraints.

Zahra Mamoojee
Director of Service Delivery and Implementation
Physiological Measurements Ltd

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The difference

Physiological Measurements Ltd (PML) provides award-winning community diagnostic services in partnership with the NHS.

To continue to provide their patients with the best care, they needed to optimise recruitment and raise awareness of PML as a trusted healthcare employer.

With Kinetic’s help, PML:

PR to unite a team

PML and Kinetic used social media to recruit more healthcare staff, particularly attracting talent from overseas.

But to ensure long-term success, they knew they needed to secure the hearts and minds of the whole team.

During the immersion session, team members showed how they were proud of their work and felt close to colleagues but highlighted where communication could be improved.

PML’s values were refreshed in their mind to unify the team by:

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