“If every consultant worked like you – as in ‘we will do this and it will cost you that’ and delivered on the ‘this’ for exactly ‘that’ – how much happier would business be.”
Rob Murphy, Operations Director, Living Fuels /REG BioPower 



  • REG Living Fuels recover used cooking oil into 100 per cent, eco-friendly bioliquid used to supplement National Grid energy reserves at peak times.
  • Attitudinal: Need to raise significant consumer awareness that used cooking oil is as a precious, sustainable energy source.
  • Behaviour: prompt/encourage consumers to take their used oil to their local ‘tip’ (household waste recycling centre).


  • Syndicated (same release tailored to each town/region) media release campaign
  • YouGov poll showing regional differences in awareness and understanding of:
    • Householders risk drain blockages if they tip old cooking oil down the sink.
    • Householders pick up the bill for blockages between the house and the mains sewer.
  • Illustration of 1 litre of recycled cooking oil produces enough heat to make 240 cups of tea.
  • Strapline: ‘stop and think, not down the sink’.
  • Emotive photography: children recycling oil.
  • Leveraging calendar hooks: Christmas, school holidays.
  • All dovetailed with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • There was a direct correlation between coverage and used cooking oil collected.
  • Widespread editorial coverage in most trusted media: local papers (freesheets and paid for).
  • Doubled the amount of coverage promised across all media: newspapers, broadcast, digital.