Blowerproof and Ecomerchant – a successful product launch

“Over 4,000 leads generated in a six-month campaign, I was absolutely stunned. It’s not the whole story, but it’s a vital part of it.”

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Will Kirkman
Managing Director, Ecomerchant

Ecomerchant is a supplier of sustainable building solutions for the construction sector. It has a developed a wide range of durable and healthy products with the aim of reducing the impact the built environment has on our planet.

The challenge

Ecomerchant discovered Blowerproof, a paint-on airtightness solution that meets Passive House (quality, comfort and energy efficiency) Standards.

Ecomerchant wanted to launch Blowerproof in the UK market, developing awareness of the product and generating market-leading sales.

The solution

Kinetic worked closely with Ecomerchant to create an integrated content-lead communications campaign, comprising:

  • Researching and developing one core piece of content.


  • Repurposing this piece of content across


  • Ecomerchant’s owned, earned and paid media.


  • Getting the Blowerproof story into the media, securing editorial coverage surrounding airtightness.


  • Promoting the product across:
    • Website content
    • Emailers
    • Newsletters
    • Social media
    • Advertorial
    • Remarketing
blowerproof application

The outcome

The Blowerproof content campaign resulted in:

  • Increased awareness of the Blowerproof and Ecomerchant brand.
  • 600+ leads in the first month of the campaign and 1000+ over the entire campaign period.
  • Ecomerchant surpassing its sales targets.

For more information about the Blowerproof campaign, or to find out how Kinetic could help you with your next product launch, get in touch.


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