What can PR do for your business?

For many business, particularly small businesses and start-ups, PR and communications can fall low on a long list of priorities. However, it can be an extremely powerful growth tool for any business – of any size and in any sector.

The key is getting a clear plan in place which highlights your PR objectives, your target audience(s) and your brand messages. When these things come together, PR can help your business to achieve a number of different things.

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Here are six key things PR can do for your business:

  1. Raise brand awareness

Often, as your business grows, you’ll get to a point where you’ve reached everyone you know and it’s time to reach out to those you don’t yet know – those who don’t yet know you or your business. This is where PR comes into its own.

PR can put your brand in front of new audiences, bringing about new opportunities for growth and development. By increasing your online and print visibility, PR helps more people to see and get to know your business.

The more people that know you, the more that will get to like you and the more that will grow to trust you. That trust is a crucial element to your business’ long-term, sustained success.

2. Build new and existing relationships

Consistency is the key to any successful relationship. In business terms, those relationships are key to trust and long-term growth.

By delivering a consistent programme of communications activities to encourage interaction and engagement, PR has a vital role to play in helping you to establish and maintain relationships with customers and prospects.

PR can offer you an invaluable insight into your target audience groups, highlighting their goals and pain points. With this insight, you can position your brand’s product or service to help your audience overcome the obstacles they’re facing and achieve their goals. The more you get to know your audience, the stronger your relationships with them.

3. Reputation management

In the words of Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway:

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”

Reputation is critical to business success. Reputation management is at the core of all PR activities. Although PR can help to manage your reputation at the time of a crisis, it is also a powerful tool to build and maintain your business’ reputation while it’s ‘business as usual’.

The stronger your business’ reputation, the easier it will be for prospects to trust you.

4. Storytelling

In recent years, storytelling has become essential for effective PR activities.

Through storytelling, PR helps you to tell your brand’s story in a way which invokes emotion from your audience. That emotion will ensure your brand and its content is memorable.

People like content which makes them think and feel something. This makes storytelling an effective way of capturing and retaining attention. This is why a lot of advertisements will centre around portraying a ‘story’. Think about John Lewis – as soon as winter begins, their audience eagerly awaits their festive advertisement.

PR can help you to carve the stories you tell in a way which truly resonates with your audience.

5. Getting others to say how good you are

An endorsement from a highly-respected third-party is invaluable to the reputation of your business. This is exactly what PR sets out to achieve.

Shouting about how good you are to those you know will have limited success. By sharing your knowledge through authoritative media outlets and platforms, PR gets key decision influencers to tell others about how good your brand is.

When a third-party expresses trust in your brand, others are more likely to do the same.

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6. Building trust and credibility

Ultimately, PR is all about building trust. Each of the above benefits ultimately seek to build trust in your brand, raising its credibility and thereby encouraging prospects to make a purchase.


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