Kinetic Communications

Vision, mission and values

You’re in business. Communicating can be complex. Let’s simplify that for you. Content is king. So how do you focus your content? First, you need to decide why you’re in business and what makes you stand out. That emotional and rational difference needs to shine out of every element of your communications mix – from every email your team sends out to a two-page feature in a trade bible which makes your competition jealous.

Your website is your magnet keeping all your communications in kilter together with your CRM system. They’re all working in concert to bring about lifting your: Visibility + Credibility = Profitability. The magic and genius of communicating in the 21st century lies in integrating everything you say and do as an organisation. Let’s help you do that.

Why Kinetic?

We guarantee PR results

We innovated the first money-back guarantee where we set out a plan and guarantee to deliver quality and quantity of results by the end of the campaign window. In over ten years of signing guaranteed results contracts, we’ve never failed to deliver on the promises we’ve made.

Why we’re in business

We believe every decent business deserves to be trusted.

What makes us stand out

By making a step-change to your business with stand-out content. Guaranteed.

Kinetic's Values

What we hold dear


Before we work together, we invest in seeking first to understand you.  Then if you ask us to jump, we first ask ‘why?’ rather than ‘how high?’  Once your time and money have gone, you never get them back.


We're social media pioneers. The text books are out of date as soon as they are published.


We delight on three levels - delightful to work with and delivering clients delight from a delightful environment.


Trust in our quality is paramount especially as your reputation is in our hands.  We work to defined systems and are accredited to ISO 9001 standards.


No air kisses. No feigned affection. Straight-talking is our style.