Social media is used by almost everyone for social networking, but now businesses are becoming more and more reliant on social media, particularly Twitter. Commonly referred to as ‘social media marketing’, companies are using this platform to boost their online awareness and engagement.

During the start of the pandemic, the number of UK Twitter users increased by 45% – from October 2020 to May 2021, UK Twitter users rose from 22.74% to 23.79%, making it the second most used social media platform in 2021.


So, as Twitter users continue to climb, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your competitors on the platform. A huge 4.5 billion people were active on social media in October 2021, proving that your target audience is more likely to be present and pursued via social media.

To stay current, here’s a recipe for using this platform for your business:

A phone screen showing the twitter app

Short and snappy

In April 2020, the average time spent on Twitter by adult users per use was approximately 4 minutes.

 Twitter has the well-known feature of limiting the number of characters per tweet, which is convenient to users who are quickly scanning through their feed. The limit of 280 characters per tweet enables you to keep your content short and snappy to engage your Twitter audience.

As well as text, you have the option to support your content with external links, images and videos. This can add personality to your text and provide visual aesthetics to create an engaging tweet.

Bonus tip: if you’re looking for other ways to add personality to your content, embedded emojis can increase engagement by 25%. These graphics can be understood by any person of any language, increasing the potential audience of your tweet.

Trending page

Twitter provides an explore page, which allows users to discover trending tweets and hashtags. You can use these topics as inspiration for your content – this way, your tweets are more likely to be discovered, as you’ll be providing your audience with the content they’re interested in.

Users can also click on trending hashtags, which enables them to find other relevant tweets that include the same hashtag. This can increase your brand awareness and your tweet’s searchability.

Vary your content, but remember to keep it relevant and insightful for your audience. Remember to look out for any keywords found on the explore page – leading us to our next ingredient.

A blue bakground showing a hashtag


Hashtags are essentially keywords that relate to your content. Tweets that include non-embedded hashtags are known to receive higher engagement and visibility, supported by Twitter’s explore page. You can also create your own, unique hashtags to draw attention to your business.

Try to limit yourself to one or two hashtags per tweet, otherwise your audience may view your tweet as spam content.


Interaction is essential for building relationships with your consumers. It promotes two-way communication, which can result in mutual respect and trust.

Twitter provides the opportunity for your viewers to like, comment and retweet your posts. This can lead to organic word of mouth, as your consumers have the chance to provide feedback and promote your business to others.

Direct messages can support you with potential crisis and issue management, as you can resolve possible problems privately in your DMs, avoiding the public damage of your brand.

Your company’s Twitter presence can raise your online visibility, which has been proven by our tried and trusted recipe. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you’ll have the opportunity to reach your target audience through organic content and word of mouth.

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